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Brand partnership in Russia

Using the concept of high performance to connect Pirelli and GoPro in a promotional partnership that targets brand-conscious, digitally-savvy premium tyre buyers.


Recent years have seen Pirelli face stiff competition from a number of Nordic brands who have made significant headway into Russia’s premium winter tyre market. Our challenge was to take back share by boosting sales of Pirelli’s ‘prestige performance’ winter tyre range.


Following extensive research into the motivations of the Russian market, a promotional strategy was developed, underpinned by three established core principles:

  1. Engage aspirational brand seekers.
  2. Encourage new and incremental purchase.
  3. Assert Pirelli’s winter tyre capabilities.

There was an opportunity to leverage the brand’s sponsorship of the 2016 Ice Hockey World Championships. Our ‘Control Every Moment’ headline made the perfect connection between the precision and performance of world-class ice hockey with the outstanding reliability of Pirelli’s premium winter tyres.

During the development stages, a number of ideas for the campaign’s promotional reward were tested. With the use of sports’ technology escalating in Russia, a GoPro video camera was the stand-out choice.


As the campaign has only recently launched, results are not in yet. All of the activation is geared towards increasing awareness of Pirelli’s premium tyres range and growing incremental sales.

Being alive to...

…the potential of leveraging a global sports property while identifying and overcoming the challenges of dealing with an array of long-distance, international partners.

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