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Global behaviour change

Raising awareness of the variety of contraceptive options available in developing countries and changing attitudes towards their use.


WAA Chosen was appointed by Marie Stopes International to develop a new creative proposition and fully-integrated multi-channel campaign to run across 20 countries. With three target audiences: Passive Mothers, Aspiring Mothers and Aspiring Women (pre-children) it was obvious that in-depth market analysis would be necessary to satisfy the variety of demands and restrictions.


Utilising a mix of client data and our own research, clear audience insights were identified. Our ‘awareness’ campaign would position Marie Stopes as a mother figure or trusted friend, while our ‘behaviour change’ route would focus on the potential of making a better decision; highlighting how, for example, choosing a particular method could enable young women and their families to benefit from greater opportunities in life.

In addition, the recommendation of a new channel – a Clothes Swap initiative – would position Marie Stopes at the heart of each community, and encourage women to come in and share their contraception experiences in a more relaxed environment.


Six countries

The print, digital and radio campaign is currently live in in six African countries: Zambia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and Uganda

Four dialects

Success in testing has led to the campaign being adapted/translated into at least four local dialects including French, Swahili, Bemba and Nyanja

Being alive to...

…the iconic strength of the Marie Stopes open door and harnessing it as a welcoming, empowering symbol to women across the developing world.

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