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Changing perceptions

Many drivers in the West Midlands and nationally love the M6toll for providing a reliable alternative to the congestion of local roads in the West Midlands. However, there was still opportunity to attract new drivers who may not have evaluated its value for their journey. To drive reappraisal within this audience, we needed a campaign that showed the advantages of using it – benefits that would outweigh any perceived cost issues.


Through our research with those who were already users of the M6toll, we saw that the way they viewed it was less about what it cost them – rather they chose to see the value; what it was that the M6toll gave them. An extra 25 minutes in bed; getting home in time to enjoy dinner with the family; the chance to get stuck into the things they love to do, not being stranded in a never-ending line of traffic. All of these priceless moments in their day..


We created a campaign that took these real-life, genuine value benefits and showed them in direct contrast to the daily traffic queues that commuters faced as they took the ‘slow way’ round. And, to help drive trial, our communications approach was supported by a price promotion that further encouraged new customers to choose the M6toll.



New journeys per year

3:1 ROI

Biggest lead generation campaign

“WAA Chosen is our retained agency partner; they deliver in a number of areas from strategy and planning to creative execution and even crisis communications. They are brilliant, dependable and a natural extension of our team.”

Julie Davies

Commercial Director, M6toll