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Harnessing social media

Creating an awareness campaign for Kingfisher Shopping Centre utilising social media channels and harnessing the power and reach of the online blogging community.


Following a multi-million pound refurbishment programme and a string of new retail outlet openings, the Kingfisher Centre wanted to connect with lapsed shoppers from outside of its core catchment area. Although communicating the changes to the centre’s offering would be part of the campaign, we knew that the key would be establishing Kingfisher as the place to be for families during the summer holiday period.


With the target audience being mums in need of ideas for keeping their children occupied over the school holiday, Mr Bloom, the ever-cheerful CBeebies gardener, was the perfect choice for a special in-centre ‘live’ event.

The next step was teaming up with the popular blogger Brummy Mummy of 2 to promote the event to her following of thousands of online-active mums.

This was followed by a series of promoted social media posts to families from the key target areas – with the chance to meet Mr Bloom himself, providing an added incentive.



followers of Brummy Mummy of 2’s engaged


people reached via social media (with significant numbers visiting from competitor locations)


Blogging was the silver bullet to the success of the Mr Bloom event. The activity also opened the door to Kingfisher further exploring the role that blogging can play in its marketing strategies – introducing them to a whole new channel of communication.

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