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Maximising a World Cup

Providing relevant partnerships and suitable brand ambassadors to increase sales by adding value to the in-branch experience.


“How can Jewson maximise the Rugby World Cup opportunity when they’re not an official partner?” A challenging question, but only the start. What if we could also: increase average transaction value, improve customer loyalty, create in-branch theatre and collect customer data?


We devised a sports-themed scratchcard promotion, complete with a full promotional identity. Home Or Away was chosen as a strong competitive term that would appeal to all sports fans and could later be adapted to suit future sporting opportunities. Leveraging WAA Chosen's long-standing business relationships allowed us to assemble an impressive selection of third-party deals with suitable partners, all-in-all culminating in around £5m worth of prizes.

By utilising risk-based insurance modelling for the scratchcard’s ‘bonus’ game, our participants were given the chance to win over 600 holidays to the 30 nations competing in the Rugby World Cup – a neat way of linking the promotion back to the international competition – at a fraction of the market value of the prizes.



profit over the campaign period


an impressive Return on Investment


Despite not being an official partner, Home Or Away gave Jewson the opportunity to capitalise on the momentum generated by the Rugby World Cup – and delivered an eye-catching prize fund without the capital exposure.

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