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Rebranding a town

Tactical rebranding of Sutton Coldfield to showcase the best of the town centre to the local (and wider) community drive footfall and spend


Sutton Coldfield not only has to deal with competition from Birmingham city centre, neighbouring towns and out-of-town retail parks, it also has to work hard for its place within city-wide cultural events.

The Big Hoot was a public art extravaganza held in Birmingham, presented by mass participation event specialists, Wild In Art, in support of Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

It was one opportunity that Sutton’s Gracechurch Centre was determined to make the most of.


By creating a new identity for the town – Sutton Owlfield – we established a point of difference within the city-wide Big Hoot campaign. Sutton was the only ‘destination’ identified on the Big Hoot Trail, all of the others simply being locations of particular sculptures.

This repositioning allowed us to create a unique space where, through clever social media activity, interaction with schools, business partner sponsorships, family-friendly events and well-orchestrated PR.

We produced high levels of local community engagement, and with visitors from further afield. Visitors who have since returned.



unique website visits


total PRV achieved


footfall (over the ten-week period)


above target on print, online and broadcast coverage


increase in footfall (over the ten-week period)


Thanks to our rebranding of Sutton Coldfield to Sutton Owlfield, for the first time in the history of Wild In Art events, a town became a trail destination in its own right, securing massive media exposure as a result.

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