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Training a bartender army

By creating and delivering an international, sector-leading training programme designed to grow the on-trade Spirits category, improve customer service and enhance the profitability of the hospitality sector across Europe.


Rather than purely focusing on growing short-term sales, the programme’s broader objective is to create long-term growth that, although category-led, maximises sales opportunities for Diageo brands. This called for a wide-ranging content strategy that includes: Perfect Serves, Premiumisation, Increasing Spirits Category Knowledge and Enriching Consumer Experiences.


Now in its 15th year, Diageo Bar Academy is still evolving and the recent shift to a stronger digital emphasis has continued our innovative approach to deploying Diageo Bar Academy at scale, across 15 countries. And though we fully intend to return to face-to-face training this new hybrid deployment allows us to utilise the best from both models.

With thousands of bartenders trained each year, a myriad of tailored training programmes, hundreds of social media posts and an ever-growing army of bartenders joining the spirits revolution, the Bar Academy team is able to continuously drive and track KPI's, consistently proving the enormous value of Diageo Bar Academy back to this best practice Globally renowned business.



Bartenders benefitting from Diageo Bar Academy face-to-face training every year


The average sales uplift resulting from our on-trade training programmes (independently audited by CGA)


ROI – Diageo Bar Academy continues to be one of the most successful ROI generators in Diageo’s history


Website Sessions


Social Media Reach


Click-thru rate on Instagram (against an industry average of 0.30%)


Total bartenders trained through the newly-deployed digital training model