Day three at SXSW 2018

From WAA Chosen,

Day three. A glimpse into the future.

While Liam was trialling the latest in augmented reality from Bose, Craig heard directly from the awe inspiring Elon Musk about his plans for Tesla and the incredible SpaceX programme.

The future, Facebook IQ’s Global Director Ann Mack argues, is already around us, we just need to know how to leverage the new tools available to add context for our audience. Sticking with that theme, here’s today’s top 3:

  1. Bose Augmented Reality Glasses – We’ve all heard about visual augmented reality on our mobile devices – Pokemon Go being the most common example. But what about audio AR? That’s what Bose have developed and for us, it’s a game changer. The glasses don’t feature earphones but can deliver you audio information that only you can hear. Whether it’s music, more information about the sites around you or even directions to a specific location, anything is possible. The glasses even feature a compass that allows brands and developers to see where users are focussing their attention when using the product. It’s ability to seamlessly fit in with the real world and even enhance the experience of every day life without needing to be constantly using your mobile phone makes this product one to watch between now and 2020.
  2. Facebook IQ: The 5 Consumer Shifts Shaping 2020 – Human beings officially have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. Fact. We focus on content for less than 2 seconds on average yet can recall a piece of content we have seen in our mobile feed in just 0.25 seconds. A deeply insightful presentation from Facebook’s Global Director Ann Mack revealed that despite our attention span shrinking, when it comes to video we gaze 5x longer than on any other content. Closing her speech, she challenged the audience to think about the intersection of automation and personalisation when devising content in order to reach and engage a brand’s audience when they need you, wherever they are.
  3. Elon Musk – Alive To Opportunity – Elon stayed another day! And so when you get the chance to be part of an audience with him, you’re willing to queue at 6.30am to make it happen. There’s a lot to tell, but let’s start with this – he doesn’t believe in business plans – they’re too rigid. He does like a simple analysis and actionable plan. He calculated the cost of the raw materials required to create a rocket and found an unfathomable difference with the actual cost of building one (or rearranging the constituent molecules as he would describe it). His ventures into space travel, building electric cars, providing renewable power solutions have all been born of one trait, a dissatisfaction with progress in those areas and the belief that we can do better. He is a man alive to opportunity in its biggest sense and I think he’d fit right in at our agency.