Will Twitter #stickers replace the hashtag?

From WAA Chosen,

Twitter has revealed it’s latest addition which will see users have the ability to add stickers onto photos before posting. Just a cheap gimmick, or could this move help to revitalise the platform? 

Millions of photos are posted every day on Twitter, so it comes as no surprise that Twitter has been looking for a way to connect these posts further and they may just have done that with stickers…

Over the coming weeks, users will see the option to customise their posts with a library of hundreds of accessories, emojis, and props to make photos more engaging.

Initially, we see this as an exciting development for the platform. Like with Facebook Reactions, only time will tell as to how Twitter’s audience will ultimately respond, but the signs look good.

With what feels like an evolution of using a hashtag, users will be able to crucially click in and view in real-time all posts that correspond with the sticker they have chosen, similarly of course to the use of a hashtag.

So what do they look like? Well, pretty much as you might expect so far in the fact that they look fairly similar to emojis. Now, what would be really interesting is if in the future brands would be able to perhaps create their own stickers or similarly, use one relating to an event. That would really be something truly valuable for a brand’s social media campaign right?

It will certainly be interesting to see how Twitter develops this feature in the future and how it lends itself to the needs of companies. Could it spell the end of the hashtag? That might be a little bit hasty at the moment, but in theory, of course it could.

The ability to make an image even more interactive than it already is could prove a powerful tool for engagement and reaching new audiences. Imagery is of course, crucial to the success of a brand’s social media account, so we can’t wait to see what possibilities the introduction of stickers opens up for our clients. Or could it prove to just be a cheap gimmick?

After what has been unquestionably a turbulent 2016 for Twitter so far this development could prove to be exactly what is needed to revitalise the platform and their status amongst the elite platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.