WAA provide “Machine” power for Motofest Coventry

From WAA Chosen,

Our exciting new partnership with Motofest Coventry has hit the target immediately after we helped enlist motors loving darts ace James Wade to display his support for the festival.

Anyone tuning into the recent Unibet Masters darts championship on ITV 4 will have seen world top ten darts player James Wade showing his backing for Motofest Coventry by wearing the event’s logo on his tournament shirt.

That collaboration between James Wade and Motofest Coventry came as a result of the close working partnership we have with the sport of darts – greasing the wheels to ensure “The Machine” clicked into top gear with his endorsement of Motofest Coventry.

It’s the first in a number of initiatives, creative collaborations and marketing support, including PR services, we will deliver in partnership with Motofest Coventry in 2018.

Motofest director James Noble has praised the agency for its creative, innovative approach and strong connection, through our client base, to the automotive industry.

Our CEO Andy Wilson is equally as pleased with the agreement.

He said: “We are delighted to have official partnership status with Motofest Coventry and working with them will further strengthen our automotive industry client base offering.”

Motofest Coventry– taking place on June 2 and 3 – will stage time trialling at this year’s event, marking the return of competitive motorsport to a UK city centre circuit for the first time since the Birmingham Super Prix almost 30 years ago,

So it’s all revving up for another incredible event with WAA firing on all cylinders to help fine tune the Motofest Coventry machine for its most important festival yet.

Click on the link https://www.coventrymotofest.com/ to find out more about Motofest Coventry – the biggest urban motorsport festival in the UK.