‘There’s no port left in the bottle’


From WAA Chosen,

  • A pair of sunglasses
  • Canvas plimsolls
  • Copious amounts of sunscreen lotion
  • One wide brimmed sunhat
  • And don’t forget your PJ’s!

Probably all sound like the requirements of an average family holiday?

  • Six racing yachts
  • Six captain’s hats and cabin boy caps
  • Twelve caravans – one called ‘Debbie’
  • One 1950’s open top bus
  • One white tepee
  • One inflatable bar
  • One hover craft
  • And a partridge in a pear tree? (No, no – there was no partridge in a pear tree)

Probably sounding less like the requirements of your average family holiday?

The first list were our instructions, the second was our 2016 company day in September – racing in the Solent, a party S-club would be proud of and a sleepover in a caravan. I’ll be honest and say that I struggled with the title of this blog, ‘I got 99 problems but a boat ain’t one’ (I doubt Jay-Z is a sailing expert), Sail away with me honey? (too old school) or When the boat comes in? (I didn’t want you to think of frozen food). So, I settled on ‘there’s no port left in the bottle’ because for me, sailing provided the opportunity to finally decipher the enigma that is port (left side) from starboard (right side).

Now where was I? Thinking about sailing puns actually, but I should probably say something serious about what company day actually means to us. Before joining WAA Chosen, the words ‘company day’ would probably have made me think of dull PowerPoint slides, long speeches and potentially stale sandwiches. Fortunately, we like to do things in style, and are lucky enough to have a 30 year history of amazing company days.

So here you have it: company day is a logistical challenge for Sharon our Office Manager and a source of excitement for weeks (it’s a surprise, and we all think of inventive ways of tricking Sharon into revealing all – they don’t work). More importantly, company day is not only an opportunity to spend time with work mates out of the office, but also acts to recognise the value of each and every one of us within the business. It’s no wonder we’re Investors in People accredited because that’s exactly what company day represents – an investment in our team.

The only questions left is, what are we doing at Christmas?