The wordy tour of WAA

From WAA Chosen,

Hi. My name is Faith, and I joined the WAA Chosen team in October 2015 as a HR Executive. Identifying the right people to join our team is a key aspect of my role here. So, whether you’re an active job hunter or you’ve stumbled onto our website by chance, allow me to take you on wordy little tour of our Sutton Coldfield offices by way of an introduction.

From the ground up, visitors often refer to our offices as being ‘Tardis-like’. It’s a comparison I love because, just like our time-travelling equivalent, we’ve got all sorts of exciting things to offer. Step inside and you’ll find a warm welcome in Reception and the opportunity to relax in our ground floor bar (a nice little office perk, and a place that gets plenty of use).

Climb the stairs to the first floor and brace yourself for the Creative Department. Having been given free rein on stamping their character on their work space, the Creatives settled on a loaded Magnum and an eight foot high silverback Gorilla (don’t panic, they’re just painted on the wall) and a full-size pool table.

The second floor is home to the Client Services and Central Support teams. As you’d expect, it’s a hub of activity, with client briefs flying off the shelves left, right and centre. Andrew Wilson, CEO and founder of WAA Chosen, also sits on this floor, and his hands-on approach ensures that team members can regularly seek advice and guidance.

The third floor is where we catch up with our clients, brainstorm creative concepts and prepare and eat our lunches. Our quirky kitchen has a blackboard wall where we share ideas, agency news and the odd doodle; whilst our two client meeting rooms have a selection of easels and whiteboard walls. You could say that at WAA the walls don’t have ears, they have id-ears. (Apologies for the pun, I couldn’t resist it.)

So what can you expect from WAA Chosen that you haven’t experienced before? Well, we all know that beauty’s only skin deep – so it’s fair to say that our unique culture is more than just fixtures and fittings. The office tour is really about revealing our personality – which hopefully matches your own values. Company culture is always a hot topic when you’re searching for a new role, so here’s ours in a nutshell. We want great people to work with us and we want them to stay working with us.

We’re such a passionate team, with an array of talented employees, impressive clients and bold work to brag about, so the opportunities for growth and development are here for the taking. We produce an array of great work to position our clients ahead of the game, and we regularly receive positive endorsement for that work. As an ‘Investors in People’ and ‘IPA member’ agency, career progression and personal development are an important aspect of our ethos. We also spend time together at great company events – be that Friday night drinks in the WAA Bar, team lunches and dinners or Go Karting – not to mention a number of interesting nights belting out karaoke classics.

I’m always keen to build networks with savvy people within the industry, so even if you’re not open to a career move right now, it might be that one of our roles will suit you to a tee in the future. Drop me a line via (or connect with me on LinkedIn) to be kept in the loop on our latest vacancies and learn more about the reasons why we’re an employer of choice.