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Day Four

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Day Four – multi-dimensional experiences

With the trade-show opening, the music festival beginning, Sadiq Khan visiting town and a range of talks including topics such as AR in sneakers (ok trainers…), how absurdity sells cinema tickets and the six secrets of storytelling, South By is certainly delivering a multi-faceted experience…top three:

1.     Trade Show – with acres of the latest inventions, technical applications and software developments, the tradeshow is my kind of playground. Some of the interesting developments included conducting silk – lightweight fabric that conducts electrical signals – opening the door for unobtrusive biometric applications in sport and everyday life. Incredible robotic developments – including a fully robotic, self-contained coffee shop.  And a virtual interaction that made me ROFLCOPTER. (That’s a very strong version of LOL btw)

2.     Augmented Reality: Jordan – the massively popular Jordan basketball brand, shared their recent experience in crafting an AR experience for their community that built both brand and delivered sales. A clever idea built on an uncommon understanding of their audience married physical experience with SnapChat and Shopify to enable their fans to buy the latest shoes and have them delivered same-day.  One of the best examples of how to harness this tech I have seen.

3.     Absurdity Sells – a panel featuring self-confessed professional weirdo Richard Dedomenici and Henri Mazza from US cinema chain Alamo Drafthouse; discussed how they have created playful events and unconventional activations to delight audiences and create new experiences…like film screenings of Jaws in rubber rings in a lake. Seemingly absurd ideas are appealing to the imperfectionists that the trendspotters at South By have talked about, and can certainly help create new stories and differentiation for the right brands.