Oh my stars and bars! It’s Right Brain Month!

From WAA Chosen,


October has seen a month-long celebration of creativity at WAA Chosen. With inspiring guest speakers, exhibition trips, TED talks, workshops and briefing masterclasses, the agency has been buzzing like never before – all against the backdrop of our most successful month ever.

Among the highlights, advertising legend Trevor Beattie, who had everyone spellbound with his presentation, ‘Advertising is a journey which will take me into space’.

Starting with his childhood passion for the stars, Trevor took us on a trip to the heavens, via Balsall Heath, London and The South Pole, a mission that will ultimately see him rocket out of our atmosphere next year, on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic service.

Retail marketing expert Jonathan Eddy called in to present an activations masterclass, full of the latest insight and advice, as we sharpen our minds for some great retail pitch opportunities coming up between now and Christmas.

The team regularly descended on our bar to enjoy lunchtime TED talks and creative discussions, while over two days, expert consultant Paul Burns trained the entire agency on the dark arts of planning, as well as what it takes to nail the perfect proposition in a brief.

Which only leaves actress Susan Lynch, fresh from filming Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, who volunteered to run a once-in-a-lifetime, only-for-us acting workshop to unleash everyone’s inner creative genius.

We can’t wait!