Marking 30 years in Business Creativity


From WAA Chosen,

In 1986, The Yellow Pages was the Google of its day.

We had an idea that by printing a plastic cover and wrapping it around The Yellow Pages, you would see an ad for a business before the one you set out to find.

That was where our Business Creativity began. With the birth of a company that would always think differently. Doing away with convention. Ignoring what had passed. Out-thinking, not out-spending. Creating business where none had existed before.

I remain as proud of that moment as I am of this one.

Launching the brand identity for WAA Chosen.

An identity that is both relevant and permanent. Reflecting the mature, but still fearlessly entrepreneurial agency we have become. Symbolising the success of Business Creativity and coinciding with the great achievement of reaching our 30th year.

Everything that we’ve braved and achieved, everything that we’ve won and lost, has helped us find our true identity. The Business Creativity agency.

Last year, our governing body, the IPA, proclaimed Business Creativity as one of the most significant forces that will shape our industry over the next decade.

We say bring it on.

Andy Wilson
Founder & Chief Executive