What did you learn last Tuesday?


From WAA Chosen,

One of the most common questions I hear in interviews is ‘what does WAA Chosen do to train and develop the team?’ So, rather than writing the answer on a postcard I figured I’d write it in a blog.

Although every day is a school day, the answer here at WAA Chosen revolves around ‘Training Tuesdays!’ We have made this the foundation of our approach to learning and development.

So, each Tuesday a member of the team runs a training session to share their knowledge – it may be based on a recent experience with a client, an IPA course they’ve attended as part of their development plan or an area they consider themselves to be a bit of an expert in.

So far this year, our junior team have learnt how to write a press release (we’re confident that the PR team already knew about that one), we’ve all had a crash course on the theory of NLP (our Digital Director Johan had a ‘lightbulb’ moment) and our new recruits have learnt the fundamental principles of website development (it’s a complex process…) We know that our approach develops our core skills, benefits the clients we work with and means that each Tuesday we know something that we didn’t know last Tuesday, which sounds pretty good to me! 

The bottom line is that the regular and ongoing development of our team is such an important aspect of our agency’s culture that it applies to every member of the team – from interns through to our CEO there’s always something new to learn.

If you’re hoping to learn something next Tuesday that you didn’t know this Tuesday then get in touch via careers@waa.co.uk