What I’ve learnt from my WAA Chosen Internship

From WAA Chosen,

It’s a weird and wonderful experience being a PR intern at WAA chosen. Firstly, weird; because you’re immediately placed out of your comfort zone (with good reason), and secondly wonderful; because you get the opportunity to work with professionals with heaps of industry insight.

WAA Chosen introduced me to a fast-paced and dynamic agency atmosphere and allowed me to develop a whole host of valuable skills – both personally and professionally.

I have aspired to pursue a marketing career since studying Media at A Level. Throughout my Film and Literature degree, my fondness of writing and my gravitation towards media developed. At university I hosted a radio show for three years and published a selection of articles and blog-posts, but after graduation I really wanted to take the first step towards marketing.

As a result, I started an internship at WAA Chosen and I am incredibly thankful for the doors it has opened for me. Starting an internship at a highly-successful and long-established agency can be unnerving, but I was able to get stuck in and quickly learnt that WAA Chosen has a lot to offer. During my first week I was introduced to a welcoming team who were always happy to answer any questions. As the weeks progressed, I took on various tasks which I was able to overcome with the support and guidance of my team.

One of the great things I learned about myself is that, no matter what I was faced with and how daunting it may have seemed, a ‘can-do’ attitude goes a long way. I learnt a great deal about the day to day organisation of a PR team (dabbling occasionally in social media too). I now understand how to communicate with clients via email and the telephone, how to effectively write a grammatically flawless and engaging press release, how to issue releases to the media, and how to tailor my writing style to different clients and sectors.

I have also come away from this internship having improved my verbal communication skills and having gained more confidence when asking questions. I’m also more confident in using my own initiative when faced with a hurdle, big or small.

WAA Chosen has given me everything I need to progress with my career. I am now also proud to be able to say that I can carry a large tray full of teas and coffees in one hand and open a door with the other!

If you’re looking to take your first steps into the marketing industry, you can apply for WAA Chosen’s internship programme here: http://waachosen.co.uk/latest/careers/shine-internship-programme/