Five steps to a successful social media competition

From WAA Chosen,

Time and time again we see social media competitions as a great means of helping our clients to engage with their audience better and crucially raise brand awareness. Not only that, but they are also key in developing a stronger relationship with customers and therefore encourage them to engage with the brand in the future.

With that in mind, we have highlighted five key steps needed in order to ensure that a social media competition is fully optimised for success:

  1. Know what works for each platform
  2. Firstly, it’s important to understand that not every platform works the same, for instance hashtags are more successful on Instagram or Twitter than they are on Facebook. Understanding that what works on one platform doesn’t on another is crucial if you are going to attract the level of entries that are envisaged.

  3. Understand your audience’s posting habits
  4. This should heavily inform what mechanic you choose. Do your followers regularly post photos, what times are they online? What content of yours do they engage with most? Asking these questions is an effective means of narrowing down what the mechanic of your competition should be. It allows you to see exactly what your audience would engage with.

  5. Keep it simple
  6. We can’t stress this point enough. Over elaborate mechanics are not only confusing to your audience, but also often cause apathy with them too, particularly if your audience isn’t already highly engaged. Easy to follow instructions with a clear objective is essential if your competition is to get off the ground.

  7. Define your goals
  8. Why do you want to start a social media competition? Is it to increase your email database, to gain more followers, to receive more user generated content maybe? Defining one or two goals will go a substantial way towards identifying what the competition mechanic should be.

  9. Monitor and engage
  10. Scrutinising how many entries have been received each week and what messaging is working most effectively is a great way to ensure your competition is running smoothly. You can then make any necessary changes in future promotion of the competition if need be to encourage further entries. Engaging with entrants is a powerful means of boost entries as well. By entering a conversation about someone’s entry, this could then be spotted by other users who then submit their own as a result.