An invaluable opportunity that set me up for life

From WAA Chosen,

Now nearing the end of his internship at WAA Chosen, James Morgan looks back at his experience with us…

My twelve weeks at WAA Chosen are coming to an end, and it’s safe to say it’s been an incredible experience which has seen me progress professionally, as well as personally.

Prior to starting the job, I was warned that I’d be thrown in at the deep end – and they weren’t wrong. Ten minutes into my first morning, I found myself in a client meeting, which was a great opportunity to see communication between agency and client first hand. I spent the rest of the day familiarising myself with the office (with its overly confusing staircases) and the WAA Chosen team. Everyone in the team is extremely welcoming – within three days, I managed to earn myself the nickname ‘Mr Tumble’ after tripping up the stairs and face-planting in front of the Creative department. Unfortunately it didn’t end there, as just a week later I found myself at the wrong end of a magenta explosion courtesy of a printer toner. Smooth.

In between the mishaps, I’ve also managed to fit in some work. Over the past three months, I’ve learnt invaluable skills and knowledge that can only be picked up working within a fast-paced agency and shadowing members of the team with years of experience. I’ve been tasked with everything from writing briefs for Creative and liaising with clients, to populating websites and seeing whether I can open a door one-handed whilst carrying a tray of tea and coffee.

Each department’s training has allowed me to fully understand my colleagues’ roles within the agency and gain insight into the processes of the business, from the creation of an initial concept, all the way to an exciting and innovative end product.

Outside of work, I also found myself appointed goalkeeper of the WAA Chosen 5-a-side football team, and after some Peter Schmeichel-esque performances, I think they’ve found their new No. 1!

James Morgan 5-a-side

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at WAA Chosen – I’ve met some great people, learnt lots about the industry and gained plenty of new skills to take with me as I continue my career.