7 tips to succeed as a WAA intern


From WAA Chosen,

After three months of surviving as an intern at a highly successful, fast-paced marketing agency, it only seemed appropriate to share some insights on how to make the most of this valuable experience. I’ve tried to pull together what helped me to get through my time at WAA, a place where I now don’t want to leave and hopefully you won’t either…

1. You’re not just someone at the bottom of the food chain

Well, technically you are. However, from day one it doesn’t feel like you are at WAA. Everyone that works there treats you just as if you were an employee, therefore give you the responsibility for tasks as if you were.

2. Attitude is everything

Positivity and a smile can go a long way. Everyone has bad days, but being enthusiastic will not only impress, but you’ll probably enjoy it more!

3. Ask, ask and ask again

You can never ask too many questions, as long as their sensible ones. If you’re stuck or unsure about something try to figure it out yourself first, but if you can’t, do ask! Not communicating with your line-manager just makes it harder for the both of you.

4. Make people drinks, they’ll be your best friend!

No one forces you to make tea and coffee, but offering never hurts and earns you extra brownie points!

5. Use your initiative

Sometimes finding something to do is better than waiting to be told what to do! You can always approach another team and offer your assistance.

6. Be a social butterfly

Do try to get to know everyone in the office, not just the people on your team. It shows that you’re making an effort and people will remember you for that.

7.Have fun!

Everyone wants you to have a good time, it’s an experience you won’t forget, so make sure you enjoy it!