2017 – A year of new starters!

From WAA Chosen,

group-shot-2-smIn the past twelve months we’ve added some incredible brands to a portfolio that already includes iconic automotive brands, the world’s largest producer of spirits, and a dynamic international charity. As a result, the majority of our roles have been for brand new positions. Plus, we’ve continued to expand our offering to retained clients and have developed our teams in response.

We’ve welcomed a host of new starters across all levels and all departments. From Client Services, to Creative and Central Services, we’re growing fast!

Every one of our new starters in 2017 is an important part of our agency’s overall growth ambition – and their personalities are diverse. It would be too much of a squeeze to talk about all of them in one blog but to name a few: Sophie Broomfield is a savvy Social Media Account Manager (and an amazing cupcake maker). Eleanor Murray is an ambitious Senior Account Executive (and our ‘go to’ girl on veggie dishes). Our Creative Director Matt Connors-Jones brings a wealth of creative experience, an arcane repertoire of Welsh folk songs and the tremulous voice of a lamb lost in the valleys and bleating pathetically for its mother. Then there’s Kate Greenough, a highly organised Account Manager (who tells the funniest stories about her little boy Felix). Meanwhile, Lydia and Christian (our pair of Olympic athletes) have boundless enthusiasm and run rings around the rest of us.

There’s a great team ethos at WAA Chosen. We recognise that the ‘bigger picture’ is only complete when the smaller pieces fit together perfectly. Think of it this way – our growth is directly correlated to the professional growth of our team. Team members who feel they’re supported, motivated and given opportunities to develop are apt to leap out of bed every morning – and as a result produce work of the very highest standard.

A blog post from a Talent Manager wouldn’t be complete without a call to action would it? So here it comes! If you’re a creative who is feeling frustrated by the lack of opportunity and fun, perhaps it’s time you joined one of the most reassuringly creative (and occasionally leftfield) teams around. If you’re a Client Services account manager looking for your next big step – let us know your five year plan and we’ll see how we can support you to achieve your ambitions.

We’re looking forward to another amazing year but for now, a big ‘well done’ to all of our wonderful new starters. Plus a Happy New Year to everyone!